Canada Condominium Living: An Ultimate Guide for Starters

Canada is one of the countries in the world that has embraced the use of condominiums as a sustainable housing solution in towns like Toronto. Undoubtedly, this plan is working well to ease the housing tension as more people move to urban areas.

Further, it is a way to provide less costly housing solutions to young people who want to buy their first house. The condos provide an all-new way of living where most of the amenities are shared among all people living there. You can read more about this project here for more information. So, if you are a starter in this kind of living, here is a guide for you.

Amenities differ

condosDifferent condos have amenities depending on what developers decided to offer. However, it is common to find units with air conditioners, large kitchen cabinets, modern showers, a shared swimming pool or and many others. While picking your first condo whether to purchase or lease, do take time to compare and select one with amenities that suit your needs. You will be surprised that more options are numerous.

Condos have policies

Just like most housing plans like gated communities and estate living, condos have policies that all owners of the units need to follow. Again, these differ from one condo to another. While some will allow you to bring your pet, others may restrict or have strict guidelines on how to keep one.

Before committing to buy, you need to understand such policies, especially those that touch on security, garbage collection and use of common amenities. While looking for a condo in Canada, you will be surprised that most have friendly housing policies.

Common amenities are accessible by all

As long as you have bought a condo unit in Canada or leased one, you are free to use the provided common amenities. Most condos will have a swimming pool, a health center, shopping areas and kids playing facilities.

Such areas have guidelines to ensure free and fair use by all people living in the condo. It is essential that you make use of them since you have a right. Some like the health club may charge subsidized rates for services offered, especially if there is an instructor.

Most Condos have a service charge

Probably, you chose a certain condo because it is well maintained, clean and organized. Most of such condos do have companies that provide services and charge the management. To maintain such standards, the owners are asked to pay service charge either on a monthly basis or annually. Be sure to check what your new condo is charging and adhere. Such a contribution goes a long way to see that you live in a clean and organized condo.

Some condos offer furnished apartments

Are you looking for a condo to lease for a short while? Probably, you are in Canada for a temporary job or business. The country has numerous furnished condos, and all you need to bring is personal belongings. They offer cleaning and other services, but you have to request the frequency of such services through the management. Now you know how most condos operate.